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6 Different Modalities 


1. Ultrasonic Scubber

          Removes dead skin

          Softens the skin

          Deeply cleans the skin


2. Hyrdawand

           Infusion of two different serums treatment and moisturizing serums

           Removes blackheads

           Brightens the skin

           Hydrates the skin 


3. SkinSprayPan with serum and oxygen infusion

            Oxygen infusion

            Serum for your skin type


4. RF (microcurrent)

           Helps with tightening the skin

           Helps with fine lines and wrinkles

           Promotes collagen regeneration


5. Cold Hammer

           Closes pores

           Calms the skin

           Helps with redness


6. Ultrasound and infusion of essence

            Opens pores quickly to infuse essences

            Helps to penetrate the first layer of the skin
















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