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"Ilona does everything by herself as she has no help that’s why scheduling for an appointment was kinda tight. But it was worth the wait. Highly recommended."

"Ilona was incredible! My first wax and I immediately felt comfortable and in great hands with her. Very kind and will definitely be returning!"

"Excellent. My skin looked amazing."

"My experience was amazing. I love the treatment and can't wait for my next visit."

"She was amazing, and she gained a new client today, see you in a month... everything looks super clean love it."
"Love it"
Tal D. 

"Very nice lady. Good service and the result was pretty amazing! Very good one!"

Thee M

"A most excellent experience with extraordinary care for my wellbeing and attention to detail, top notch!​"


"Seemed to be very knowledgeable. Loved my 1st treatment. Signed up for 3 more."

Kathleen Y

"Ilona is a great esthetician. Her professionalism, experience and lovely demeanor makes you feel confident that you are in Great hands! I highly recommend her. I purchased a package before I left and made a future appointment."

Ari B

"Best wax salon I have EVER been to! Recommending her to everyone!"

Anne H

"She was very nice and gentle. It was my first experience with Brazilian waxing and it was awesome. It was almost painless. I'll definitely go again."

Valerie S. 

"Nice person, good cleansing treatment!"

Melanie S

"Ilona was fantastic! I am on a limited budget and usually have to choose between a massage or facial when I need to pamper myself. I am a former athlete so the massage usually wins. My skin was starting to look really dull. After my microdermabrasion treatment, my skin was absolutely glowing! Ilona was very sweet. Her skin care line is all natural ingredients and for probably the first time in my life, I did not experience a breakout after a facial treatment. She was also kind enough to extend my Groupon past the expiration date when some issues with my back grounded me for awhile. Five out of five stars and two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!"

Kathleen Q

"Sweet Ilona was very gentle. Would recommend her services"

Cydney D

"I had never had microdermabrasion before and Ilona made me feel very comfortable with the process. My skin felt wonderful and tingly and glowing afterward. I bought the daily cleanser and it makes my face feel so fresh. I would highly recommend Beauty by Ilona"

Jeimy P. 

"She is amazing! Made me feel comfortable and informed me on available products she has without being pushy, just informative. Her schedule is pretty full but if you call her regularly to check for cancellations she will respond promptly. Going for my second session next week and will most likely continue to visit her."

Liuska R
June 11, 2017 

"Service was excellent! Ilona is great and very accommodating. :)"


"Ilona, is very professional and informs the client what to expect after treatments. Had a microdermabrasion treatment and pleased with the results, will be back"

Janna C

"This was the first professional facial I've ever had done and it was amazing! My skin feels baby soft after only one session! Ilona is so sweet and takes her time, making you feel relaxed in her tranquil ambiance she has set up. Not to mention her amazing products she uses! I had to buy a few since she had a Mother's Day special! I bought 3 more sessions with her because I can't wait to come back!"

Terry E

"She is amazing! It was my first time ever. I was extremely nervous because my pain tolerance is low. She walked me through as she explained what area she was targeting and she took her time. Definitely going back and you must try it and see for yourself."

Yvonne M 

"Beauty by Ilona is a wonderful Facialist the dermabrasion are amazing, the blueberry peel is refreshing and your skin is very soft, I love this place my skin has gotten so much better since I have been coming to Ilona​"   

Felicia N. Burbank, CA  

"I found Ilona from a Groupon offer for a lash lift & tint and just kept going after that first appointment.  Her lash lifts are very well done and last at least a month/month and a half (for me, anyway).  I like that I don't have to wear mascara other than for a special occasion.  I also ended up purchasing a set of microdermabrasion facials with an additional ultrasonic facial scrub and mask.  I had it done yesterday and my face feels so smooth. I have a slight case of rosacea and had absolutely no flare ups with the facial. I can't wait until my next one! I also use her skin care line (I don't have it right in front of me but I think it's called Aeveka) and am very happy with it - the cucumber scent smells so fresh and clean and the resurfacing cream and day cream moisturize without feeling heavy or oily. When I arrived for my facial it was a very cold day (for Southern California) and the room was nice and warm with lovely soothing music playing and dim lighting - just like a luxurious spa.  Ilona's office can be a bit hard to find the first time. I ended up going into a couple of different storefronts looking for her the first time I went.  Her office is in a building on Ventura Blvd and Longridge St. but not facing the street. You have to park behind the building on the corner (the Bellweather restaurant is currently right on the corner) and use the back stairs. Ilona shares the offices with a photography company but her facial/workroom is completely private. Two thumbs up."

Andreea S. Los Angeles, CA  

"Beauty by Ilona is my one-stop-shop for every beauty service I need!
I've done a little bit of everything at Ilona's shop: great mani/pedi's (I just tried the shattered nail polish, which stayed on a long time and brought me so many compliments. I go to her for facials every month (my fave is the 4 layer face lift. My face feels as soft as a baby's bottom when she's through). 
Ilona is so professional and knowledgeable, so caring about my individual needs, and SO FRIENDLY. You know how sometimes you go get your nails done at a salon and you really feel like the people there are talking shit about you...right in front of you...but in a language you don't understand, so you can't do anything about it?! Well Ilona is the exact opposite. She's super friendly, inviting and down to earth. We always talk about the latest & greatest. 
I am a regular client of hers (it took me forever to find the time to write a review). I would strongly recommend her for all your beauty needs! You won't be disappointed =)​"

Carmen C. Los Angeles, CA  

"I go to Ilona for waxing and facials. I have psoriasis so i was very worried about the treatments harming my skin. But Ilona uses all natural products that have no chemicals or harmful ingredients. I was very please with her work. She takes her time and is a perfectionist. She is also super flexible with appointment times and likes to work around you. She is very caring and seems to love her job. If her have any skin sensitivities go to her. She knows what to do. I recommend her to those who live in the valley as well as anyone who wants someone that's really hand ons."

Irene W. West Los Angeles, CA  

"Ilona is my go-to girl for bikini waxes.
She is Thorough - Ilona makes sure every hair is taken off even if she has to pluck it 
Clean - she uses a different applicator every time she dips into the wax
Accommodating - Ilona will give you whatever type of design you want - thumbprint, brazilian, playboy, etc.
I highly recommend Ilona's service as she is caring and funny.  At the end of our session, she always reminds me, "No sexy time until the next day!" :p"

Dina N
June 22, 2016 

"Ilona's voice is very relaxing! The shoulder massage was awesome! I like glow on my skin after."

Scully H. Los Angeles, CA  

"Got a Groupon deal for eyelash lift. It was awesome. I really like the result. I have very straight Asian hair. Of course, my lashes are stick straight too. Now my lashes have beautiful curls and I don't need to do anything to them".

Yu-lin K. East Village, Manhattan, NY  

"Best massage around. Ilona is magical with her hands. I'm a very active person who has an extensive background in martial arts. I've been getting body work on a weekly basis for the last 10 years. Ilona really knows her stuff. She gets in there and works out all the knots. I have my own consulting agency. I have a very hectic schedule. A massage with Ilona is the best hour long self care that leaves me refreshed and more energized to be productive and get things done.  Check her out for yourself."

Chanté L. Los Angeles, CA   

"Purchased a Yelp Deal Ilona is wonderfully warm, professional, efficient and a joy to talk with. She also gives great tips regarding waxing - tips no one else has given me in the 10 years I've been getting waxed."

4/25/2011 First to Review Love love love her work!
"I am very busy person and usually don't have time to go somewhere and do my manicure which going to be ruined in couple of days because I have thin and soft nails and I use them all the time... One of the alternative was acrylic, but I hate it (used to have it) because I don't feel my nails, I cannot use them in different aspects and they look fake to me...  So the best thing for me was no nail polish and cut as short as possible so I'm not going to worry about it... 
Not until I went to Ilona... 
My friend told me about her, so I decided to try... First of all she refuses to do acrylic so right the way we found something in common :), instead she uses some kind of "magic" gel. 
I love my new nails! First in a few years I grew them longer then "nothing" and they look so real! They not thick like acrylic but as strong, I can use them everywhere and it stays forever... Her nail polish stays longer then usually (I have it now for over a week), and the nails don't break... 
My friends told me that I changed, that I'm tacking care of myself now, but all what I do, I go to Ilona about every month and do my nails... 
I do pedicure there as well, not gel one though... yet... 
She is good!
Thank you Ilona ;)"


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